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With over 23 million streaming members globally, Netflix delivers streaming movies and TV shows to over 700 different devices – PCs, internet-connected TVs, gaming consoles, tablets and smart phones. To help it handle over 30 terabytes of new content a month from over 200 global partners, Netflix uses Aspera On Demand Direct-to-S3 technology to move the content into the Amazon Web Services S3 storage for transcoding and streaming out to its customers. With Aspera On Demand Direct-to-S3, Netflix can achieve transfer rate improvements of up to 10x the typical transfer speeds of available cloud transfer solutions per virtual machine instance.

UEFA 2012

To help it deliver thousands of video clips from Euro2012 tournament to Broadcast Partners around the world, UEFA integrated the Aspera platform into its LIVEX On Demand service for video content contribution, publishing and distribution, as well as end-to-end workflow orchestration throughout the entire Euro2012 tournament. The LIVEX On-Demand digital video service relied on Aspera technology to deliver over 3,000 near-live in-match and post-match video clips, amounting to nearly 27 terabytes of full HD content, to official partners around the world for broadcast to their subscribers.


SendtoNews uses Aspera On Demand to connect content creators to newsrooms at television and radio stations, print publications and online news web sites. Aspera's Mobile Uploader is used in the field for ultra-fast uploads into SendtoNews’ cloud-based platform which distributes the content to news broadcasters via Aspera Transport Server at speeds that are hundreds of times faster than traditional methods.

Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media provides highly scalable cloud- and server-based encoding solutions and desktop applications. Aspera On Demand enables high-speed transfer of large video files into the cloud where Sorenson's cloud-based Squeeze Solution Pack leverages the parallel processing power of the cloud to offer customers unlimited power and scalability for high-volume video encoding needs

MTV Brasil

MTV Brasil delivers global music and entertainment to its audience via broadcast TV and the internet. It receives video content from providers around the globe, using Amazon Web Services as a consolidated, high-performance, scalable repository. With Aspera On Demand, content is uploaded and downloaded at maximum speeds, enabling MTV Brasil to deliver relevant, up-to-date music and entertainment to its audience.

Cinema Cloud

Running on Amazon Web Services, Cinema Cloud provides digital cinema distribution services across the APAC region. It receives gigabytes of video files daily from a network of global partners and distributes them to its cinema customers. Cinema Cloud leverages Aspera Shares On-Demand as the core infrastructure element to provide high-speed, secure media file transfers over the WAN in and out of the Amazon S3 cloud storage. With Aspera On Demand, Cinema Cloud eliminates physical shipments of media, reduces delivery times from 5+ days to just a few hours, and efficiently manages content distribution with Shares’ intuitive interface and powerful security and access model.

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Adept Mobile and UFC

UFC provides millions of mixed martial arts fans around the world with video content such as matches, interviews and competitor insights on its website, optimized for mobile devices. To help UFC deliver up-to-date video content online, Adept Mobile has built a cloud-based video ingest and distribution platform for UFC that takes high-resolution broadcast content, uploads it at high speed into Amazon S3 using Aspera On Demand, transcodes it in the cloud and inserts it into UFC website CMS.

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GenoSpace offers a cloud-based software-as-a-services (SaaS) platform for the storage and analysis of large sets of complex genomic data, providing the tools to unite researchers, clinical labs, doctors, and patients for the development and delivery of personalized medicine. Their research gateways intersect clinical data with genomic parameters, allowing clinical providers to gain utility from data that would otherwise be difficult to query and interpret. Selecting a cloud-based solution coupled with Aspera’s fasp™-powered high-speed transfers to the cloud proved to be a cost-effective option for GenoSpace’s use case. While avoiding heavy investments in infrastructure build-out, Geno-Space still reaps all of the benefits of the endlessly scalable cloud.

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Aquipt, a technology services provider for law firms and litigation support teams, provides a hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, MatterPoint, a pay-as-you-go solution that eliminates the need for clients to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure. Aquipt uses Aspera high-speed file transfer technology technology to allow their clients to securely and quickly move data from any location to Aquipt’s MatterPoint platform. "Aspera maintains full bandwidth utilization for the life of the transmission rather than jumping between peaks and valleys like FTP,” said Wein. “We can now transfer 20 gigabytes per hour from west coast to east coast using our dedicated 45 Mbps pipe."

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. With AWS, companies can requisition compute power, storage, and other services – gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services, as their business demands them. Aspera software is now directly available for use on the Amazon EC-2 infrastructure, providing a high-speed transport method to and from the remote nodes.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.


Zencoder is the leader in cloud-based video encoding, with the fastest and most widely used solution in the market. Founded in 2010, its products enable content providers to quickly deploy Internet video to consumers on virtually any Internet connected device.

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YouSendIt, Inc. is the leading provider of extended enterprise collaboration services, with millions of registered users in 193 countries across 98 percent of the Fortune 500. The company's online services span from simple file sharing to a comprehensive content collaboration suite of services that allow users across an entire organization to securely share content, sign documents, and access files from any mobile device or PC.

BGI EasyGenomics

BGI is the world's largest genomics research institute, producing thousands of genome sequences a day and carrying out research to combat deseases. To facilitate efficient data exchange with customers and partners, BGI has developed EasyGenomics, a cloud-based bioinformatics solution for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. EasyGenomics enables global-scale, multi-terabyte NGS data exchange and allows users to take full advantage of BGI’s NGS analysis capabilities.

BT Life Sciences

BT for Life Sciences R&D is the first cloud service designed to enable collaboration within the Life Sciences industry, addressing the new ways of working being adopted to drive increased R&D productivity. Our Life Sciences R&D service enables you and your partners (biotechs, content providers, reagent suppliers, independent software vendors and clinical research organisations) to connect disparate internal and external research information – and the people behind it. BT already delivers compliant services for the pharmaceutical industry, operates the world’s largest financial services community and provides the world’s largest healthcare network. BT manages 2,200 platforms for 1,500+ customers around the world., the world’s largest video encoding service and provider of, the universal video URL platform, powers thousands of companies, including leading brands across media and entertainment, eLearning, retail, telecommunications, lifestyle, and advertising.  Blending a flexible SaaS model, using cloud-computing platforms, enables publishers and developers to instantly scale, while eliminating expensive video infrastructure investments. supports all popular web and mobile formats, utilizing its proprietary Encoding Intelligence™ to accelerate processing, reduce errors and optimize video for any device.