Aspera Shares

Aspera Shares provides a simple and intuitive way for companies to share content in the form of files and directories, of any size, within their organization or with external customers and partners.

Easy-to-use Web Interface 
A single Web interface provides consolidated access and easy navigation across distributed files and folders. Users have powerful search capabilities to locate the files or folders they need, and initiate a high-speed file upload or download. Basic operations can be performed on a single file or folder, or on a collection of files and folders and all actions are logged and viewable in the activity feed.

Powerful security and access model
Administrators have granular control over which shares, directories and files each user can access, as well as the operations the user is allowed to perform. The security model is administered through a single management point combining authorization, user management, and access control.

Support for private, public and hybrid clouds 
As companies adopt the Cloud for on demand storage, they are often faced with the choice of where to place their most important digital content. With Aspera Shares, they have complete flexibility in where the content is placed. Whether it is stored in an existing datacenter, a remote office, or public cloud storage such as Amazon Web Services S3, Aspera Shares can consolidate all of the content and provide seamless access across all the nodes, hiding the physical location from the end user.

Key Features and Benefits

Unrivaled Aspera performance

  • Built on Aspera fasp™ technology for maximum transfer speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions.
  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire allocated bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other business-critical network traffic.
  • 100% reliable data delivery with real-time reporting of transfer progress and performance.


Extreme Scalability

  • Decoupled from the content stores and underlying transfer servers or nodes, with single view of the shared content across those nodes.
  • Supports transfers of singe files, individual directories, or batches of files and directories of any size over any distance.


Location Independence 

  • Supports geographically dispersed nodes across regions, countries, or continents.
  • Provides a single web interface consolidating all content from any combination of nodes in public or private clouds or private data centers.


Easy to Use Web Interface

  • Single easy-to-navigate view consolidates all shared content.
  • Powerful search, filtering, and sorting make it easy to find items in a very large content store.
  • Operations can be performed on single items or on collections of files and folders.


Powerful Security and Access Model

  • Secure authenticated access with seamless user authorization across multiple file sharing points.
  • Support for users, groups, and directory services (AD, LDAP and local and remote users).
  • Granular control over all end-user operations such as browsing, uploading, downloading, making new directories, renaming or deleting files and directories.


Monitoring and Alerts

  • Real-time activity feed of user and administrative actions and operations.
  • Comprehensive system of logging and administrator alerts.
  • Configurable thresholds for administrative alerts such as the % or amount of free space available.