Why Aspera

The Leader in High-Speed Data Delivery to the Cloud

Trusted by over 1700 customers, Aspera unlocks the power of cloud computing for big-data applications. Powered by our patented fasp™ transfer technology, Aspera On Demand Transfer Solutions deliver data in and out of the cloud at industry-leading transfer rates of up to hundreds of times faster than conventional transfer methods. Aspera has become a standard for mission-critical transport of digital assets for Hollywood studios, major broadcasters, telecommunications operators, sports leagues, life sciences organizations, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.


The performance limitations of ubiquitous transfer applications such as FTP or HTTP in moving data into, out of, and within the cloud are a direct result of the inherent bottlenecks of TCP, the traditional protocol used to reliably transfer data over IP networks. Aspera’s patented technology brings true meaning to high-performance cloud data transport by eliminating the bottlenecks of TCP, both on the WAN and inside the cloud, and delivering maximum transfer speed regardless of network conditions and transfer distance. With bulletproof security and reliability built-in, Aspera On Demand provides users with unprecedented bandwidth management allowing for sophisticated transfer prioritization and automatic protection of other IP traffic.


Aspera On-Demand Transfer Solutions bring cost savings and efficiency gains to organizations that need to move large volumes of data into, out of and within the cloud storage and computing environments. Seamlessly integrated with several cloud platforms, the solutions are delivered as subscription services with usage-based pricing and optional add-ons. With Aspera, customers can eliminate costly IT infrastructure outlays and leverage the cloud to effortlessly scale their big-data processing, storage and distribution workflows. 

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Leading companies across multiple industries are bringing high-performance transport capabilities to their cloud-based products, systems and services by building upon Aspera’s open architecture SDK. Aspera’s innovative fasp™ protocol is providing superior file transfer capabilities to a variety of solutions, including cloud computing platforms, specialized digital asset and media management systems, integrated media platforms, workflow and automation engines, media production and transformation software, video management and publishing platforms and more. 

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